Want a 24-hour promo campaign, product giveaway, a pro video of your biz/product, tons of social media exposure for just $150?

ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: If you sell a product and you are looking for an affordable and creative way to promote it, then buy a day to be featured on AnyLuckyDay.com. Every day, a company gives away one of their products, and Giancarlo, the founder, promotes it to thousands of eager people. Where else can you get a 24-hour promotional campaign, a product giveaway, a professionally created video about your business and product, tons of social media exposure, and hundreds of potential customers for just $150? Nowhere! AnyLuckyDay has been featured on CNN, MSN Money, AOL, American Express Currency, & Careerbuilder and Giancarlo sold out all 365 days of advertising in 2010! What are you waiting for? BUY A DAY NOW: http://anyluckyday.com/calendar or check out the sponsors page for more information – http://anyluckyday.com/sponsors. If you have any questions, email Giancarlo at massarogi@anyluckyday.com or call him now at 203-314-7181

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