2011 Des Moines Social Media Scene – UPDATED

In October 2010 John Cass of Pace Communications (www.pacecommunications.com/) did a great write-up of Des Moines’ Social Media Scene with the help of Pete Jones with Catchfire Media (www.catchfiremedia.com. See the article at: (http://pr.typepad.com/pr_communications/2010/10/des-moines-iowa-social-media-scene.html).

The article mentions some really great blogs and bloggers from Des Moines and some great companies who are experts in social media for businesses, such as, Nathan Wright, a local pioneer in social media education for businesses and founder of  LavaRow (www.lavarow.com), is also mentioned.

Since the time of this article it is amazing how much the social media scene has continued to evolve!

Freelance Pros (www.freelancepros.org) is a local collective of writers, photographers, graphic artists, PR, marketing and other freelancers. Many who now have tremendous experience to provide in social media and internet marketing services.

A rising star on both the local scene and nationally is One Social Media (www.onesocialmedia.com). Check out the owner Joe Soto’s blog at: (http://www.onesocialmedia.com/blog/tag/joe-soto/)

Want to add to tell us more about the 2011 Social Media Scene in Des Moines? Please reply to this post and tell us about your social media services, expertise or even how you have successfully used social media to promote your business, organize your event or further your cause in Des Moines!

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