The Des Moines Social Club (www.desmoine…

The Des Moines Social Club ( provides a great story for how social media has helped to advance this non-profit organization in the community and for how effective social media is at getting the word out about events held at the venue. As you may have heard, the club will be relocating shortly. A fundraising event is in the planning stages, but here is a sneak peek:

SPRING FUNDRAISING EVENT: “A Social Media Love/Hate Affair”

PROCEEDS GO TO: The Des Moines Social Club, a non-profit organization, to support 2011 programming

WHEN: A date in March or April (to be announced soon).

WHAT: This event will bring together social media services providers, bloggers, social media and blog clubs, social media educators and business owners, students, professionals and anyone (from newbies to experts seeking the latest trend information) who are interested in social media for business and non-profit and event planning.

INFORMATION: Interested in participating as a speaker or exhibitor? Want to attend? Questions or ideas? Contact Laura Gaulke at 515-689-7792 or

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