Top-Rated Des Moines Amplified Host, Dr. Chad Rohlfsen, Presenting Feb. 22 at 6pm

The Des Moines Business Mixer is pleased to announce Dr. Chad Rohlfsen will co-present with Cinnamon Rost, Graphic Artist and owner of 1809 Design ( or this month’s Des Moines Business Mixer, Tuesday, February 22, held at the Des Moines Social Club. 

Dr. Chad will share some practical experience about how he markets his chiropractic business on social media and other online venues. Cinnamon Rost will speak about integrated marketing in general and specifically how you can bridge the gap between print and online. The format will be an open discussion. Audience members will be encouraged to offer ideas and share experiences.

Dr. Rohlfsen is an outspoken local Des Moines healthcare provider that is not afraid to tell you what he really thinks. His show “Tuning into Health” is one of the TOP RATED at Catch Dr. Chad on Des Moines Amplified: Tuning Into Health with Dr. Chad & Andy Monday’s 1-3pm CST. Check out a sample of the show here:

Dr Chad Rohlfsen

Read Dr. Chad Rohlfsen’s Bio here with all of his social media and weblinks all in one place!

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