End of week wrap up What a big…

End of week wrap up: What a big week! The February Des Moines Business Mixer was great! Thanks to everyone who turned out to network last Tuesday and of course to Kelly Fagen, Tastefully Simple, for providing the food and to Cinnamon Rost and Dr. Chad Rohlfsen for sharing their expertise and marketing ideas.

Thursday the Des Moines Social Club (DMSC) announced their new location in the Kirkwood building beginning in April. I have only heard great comments about this new spot – from the building itself, to the location more in the heart of downtown, to the sky walk access.

If you are not already a newsletter subscriber go to the Des Moines Social Club website at http://www.desmoinessocialclub.org. This will land you on the “We’re Moving” page where you can sign up for the newsletter before continuing on to the website. The newsletter is sent out twice a week to summarize the happenings that go on nearly every day during the week at the DMSC and then again to keep you posted on the weekend events.

This landing page will also give you an opportunity to sign up to volunteer your muscle or special talents, such as carpentry, to the big move. The move and creating the new space within the Kirkwood Building will also cost money. You may indicate your interest in supporting the move and the DMSC 2011 programming financially on this landing page as well. If you have attended any of the wide variety of educational through entertaining events at the DMSC, please pledge what you can – every little bit helps!

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