UPDATE on the Social Media Love Hate…

UPDATE on the “Social Media Love/Hate Affair” event. Because the move itself, and preparing the new space to accommodate the many events the DMSC has become famous for, will take some time and because the old space will also be in transition by the end of March, the “Social Media Love/Hate Affair” which was tentatively scheduled for March 25 will be postponed by 3 to 4 weeks.

We have a tentative date of April 22 to hold the event in the new space, but a final concrete date will be set in the coming week as the move and set up timeline is solidified. Thank you for all of the people who overwhelmingly expressed their interest in attending this event and to all those who have come forward and agreed to participate as experts in this very timely fair about all things social media.

I appreciate your patience during the transition and your continued enthusiasm for this event with proceeds going to help defray the cost of relocating the Des Moines Social Club.

What do you think?

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