The Social Media Des Moines Daily

About: The Social Media Des Moines Daily

Social Media Tips for Des Moines Businesses

Laura Gaulke: As a Social Media Marketer you are in perpetual training – learning new communication tricks daily. This Daily compiles social media and internet, technology related articles and other items of interest to local Des Moines businesses. Local business network #dmbizmixer

I am currently fine-tuning the list that the Daily is compiled from in order to be able to share tips, articles, events, apps and news about social media for business that would be most relevant to small to medium sized businesses – particularly in the Des Moines area.

The paper is a compilation of articles about social media, marketing and events of interest pulled from particular twitter feeds I have “listed” under certain categories. The trick is to see what the Daily comes out looking like and keep adding and deleting contributors from the list to increase the relevance of the paper to readers.


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