If you missed the May 9 Des Moines…

If you missed the May 9, Des Moines Event, you can catch it here: 140 Character Conference LiveStream Replay

I had the wonderful opportunity to be the time keeper at this event and, thanks to Kum and Go, I also got a $50 gas card!

Ten minutes at a time, each presenter told their stories from professional, personal, humorous, educational, eccentric, small town, big town and real human perspectives. The event was LiveStream broadcasted and was recorded, plus people Tweeted about the event real time using the #140confDM hashtag while the “essence” of each presentation was captured through character sketches posted on TwitPic. It truly was a technology extravaganza, with all sorts of technology in the room (and in the first half hour acting up). The organizers kept their cool and the speakers and audience kept their patience until the bugs were worked out and every thing progressed on time.

I have to say recently I have heard many perspectives about the relevance of Social Media in our personal and professional lives and where it will fit in the future. This conference broadened my perspective about the reach social media has and the reasons people are using it. I am convinced as a result that while it will evolve and integrate and maybe the buzz will die down and the terminology “social media” may even change – it is here to stay.

Check out the videos and see what you think. Also be sure to catch 4 of the 8 presenters at the May 26 – Social Media Love-Hate Affair (details link posted on this blog).

What do you think?

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