A T.R.U.E. Brand’s Love Affair with Social Media!

Presentation by The Brand Chef, Andrew Clark, “A TRUE Brand’s Love Affair With Social Media” May 26th, 2011.

Andrew Clark had the following comments from his blog:

It was a great honor to have local marketing specialist and the Social Media Manager from The Des Moines Social Club, Laura Gaulke ( @allauremkt ), invite The Brand Chef (me) to do a presentation at the Social Media Love-Hate Affair.

Because of their deep ties to the local social media community, the cause, raising funds for The Des Moines Social Club building / relocation, was perfect. Eight speakers were lined up to present on their (or their business’) relationships with social media. Topics covered everything from personal and corporate security, to geo-location marketing and, of course, my presentation on T.R.U.E. Branding in social media.

There certainly IS a Love-Hate relationship when it comes to marketing and social media. Done right, it can build a brand in record speed and with MASSIVE power. On the other hand, it can destroy a good brand just as fast.

See the link to the branding and social media presentation Andrew Clark gave: http://createwowmarketing.com/a-true-brands-love-affair-with-social-media/

If you’d like MORE information on the Des Moines Social Club please feel free to contact Laura Gaulke by email at lgaulke@desmoinessocialclub.org or through Twitter @allauremkt. If you’d like to know more about how YOUR BRAND can have a TRUE Love Affair with social media, please contact the Brand Chef Today Twitter @thebrandchef

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