From PR Princess: Google+ What’s in it For Me?

Here is Claire Celsi’s, the PR Princess, take on Google+:

Despite my great admiration for Google products, I was a little trepidacious about throwing myself (and my time) into creating a new social network. I already maintain three mainstream social networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and then spend time on several others just to maintain a sense of what’s new and evolving in the social media space. That’s what my clients expect, so I make the effort.

However, it’s my life and my time. So, I truly do draw the line when it comes to creating a whole new network. Since I was already using Google’s ubiquitous email product (G-Mail), and also dabble in Google Docs, use the Google Reader and Google calendar, I decided to click the “Claire +” button on my Gmail dashboard. See, they sucked me in right away by personalizing that little button. Instead of reviewing every single feature, I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

To see here favorite features and her final word on Google+, go to her blog: Google+ What’s in it For Me?.



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