Disguised as a Mild-Mannered Holiday Party, One Social Media Gives Supporters the Gift of an Evening with Giovanni Livera!

Giovanni Livera

Master of Wow - Giovanni Livera

WOW! I now have two reasons to believe that Anything is Possible: God and Giovanni Livera! Joe Soto, Founder and CEO of One Social Media first “experienced” Giovanni Livera last year performing in Las Vegas. Then Joe and his team at One Social Media loaned their talent to Livera for a full year in exchange for the opportunity to bring him to Des Moines as a thank you gift to their customers and supporters. What a thank you it was! Disguised as a mild-mannered holiday party, with the promise of good food (which was delivered on), instead an intimate “evening of astonishment” with this world-class performer emerged.

I was honored to have been counted among the One Social Media supporters invited to the holiday party, but especially so when Joe, his wife Lenee, and the One Social Media crew revealed their gift.

To call him a “magician,” a “motivational speaker,” a “corporate presenter,” an “entertainer” or even all of these together would still not describe the “IT” that Giovanni Livera possesses and inspires others to believe in and seek out for themselves. Maybe he describes himself the best when he says, “Above all else, I am a celebrator of human spirit and human potential.” He is not kidding and I am not kidding when I say he is the best magician I have ever witnessed – and still so much more than that was delivered.

After an unbelievable on-stage performance, Livera went on to awe party attendees with his “close-up” magic for which he was awarded in 1991 the most prestigious, I.B.M. Gold Cups International Award of Excellence in Close-up Performance – which has only been awarded seven times since 1981 by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. The only downside to the evening was that I felt slightly guilty for having such an incredible experience without my family and I had absolutely no idea how to explain the experience to them! As the Giovanni Experience web site relates:

“At best, Giovanni can only be described – he cannot be defined, because he is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Try imagining a color you have never seen before.”

Giovanni’s Story:
– Giovanni found his “passion path” in life when he was seven years old and performed his first paid magic experience at the age of 10.
– While in his early twenties, Livera produced and performed an entertainment concept for the Orlando Magic NBA franchise that filled the stands with fans and established him as both a superior showman and innovative entrepreneur.
– One of the most sought-after corporate entertainers in America, and his spectacular message has electrified over half of the country’s Fortune 500 companies.
– In addition to his latest printed experience, Live A Thousand Years, Giovanni has authored three books.
– Recently inducted to the prestigious National Speaker’s Hall Of Fame.

For more information, go to: http://www.giovanniexperiences.com

2 thoughts on “Disguised as a Mild-Mannered Holiday Party, One Social Media Gives Supporters the Gift of an Evening with Giovanni Livera!

  1. What an unbelievable evening! I felt so honored and privileged to have amazing guests, employees & a “Wow” presentation. I feel so Blessed. Thank you to everyone who came out to our support our Party. You made our nights forever memorable!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me Barb and Joe for this event. I have had the great opportunity to continue to connect with @Giovanni_Livera on Twitter since the party. I wish @onesocialmedia a wonderful new year of business and connections in 2012!

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