The Opportunity Cost of Producing Original Content INFOGRAPHIC.

This Infographic does a tremendous job of explaining the opportunity cost of true content marketing (bricks) and the difference between producing (bricks) your own great content and posting (feathers) the great content of others (like what I’m doing here).

Defining Bricks & Feathers

brick 150x127 Planning Your Content Marketing: Bricks vs. FeathersBricks are larger content productions such as research reports, events, white papers, video series, mobile apps, etc. They typically require decent budget and time to produce but have the potential to make a larger splash when executed and promoted correctly.

Feathers are comprised of simple text and photo content published via popular social media tools likefeathers 150x127 Planning Your Content Marketing: Bricks vs. FeathersFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.Less intensive than bricks from a production budget standpoint, feathers are created consistently to maintain an ongoing stream of communication between a brand and its audience.


Bricks Versus Feathers in Content Marketing Planning

Read the full story behind this great visual by Chris Sietsema.

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