Influential #Marketing Blog: 50 #SXSW 2012 Panels Worth Getting Excited About

Via Scoop.itAmplified Events

Here’s a sad fact about SXSW – at any given time there are at least 16 other talks, events or meetups that you could be attending besides the one that you do make it to. That’s assuming you even make it to any events at all. But whether you are ambitiously aiming to make it to a long list of events, or not going to SXSW at all … the fact is that the range of talks offers a really interesting spotlight into trends and insights for anyone working in a digital or business role today.   Great curation by Rohit Bhargava .   The team will try to attend most of them, and report. Rohit also mentions this key discussion we are also excited to attend :   “The Curators and the Curated (3:30pm) – A great session on a really popular and important topic, this is part of the Future of Journalism track that I hope to spend some time attending at SXSW. Plus the speaker list including David Carr, Maria Popova and Noah Brier are all worth listening to.”    

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