Five Things to Take Away From This Year’s SXSW

Via Scoop.itAmplified Events

There’s always something newer than the last new thing. Big brands are desperate for social media glory.
Some tech gimmicks can seem heartless.
Old media wants to play, too. “Popularity at SXSW does not guarantee success. Others have pointed this out. Last year’s phenomenon, GroupMe, a group text messaging service, was acquired by Skype. The company let people text message groups of their friends at the same time. Yet that doesn’t mean people continue to use it. My GroupMe groups from last year were completely dormant this year. Punctuating the point, Facebook closed down location-sharing service Gowalla this week, which it acquired last year. SXSW is a social media petri dish for apps, but once they leave the dish and hit the oxygen of the real world, they can wither.”


that’s what I call the danger of  the hype. It takes time to build a strong engaged community. Making you believe you can create one in 3 days in Austin could provoke the shooting star effect.




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