Mashable’s Social Media Day Worldwide is June 30. How Will Des Moines Celebrate?

Mashable Social Media Day LogoHere is how Mashable explains the day:

Social Media Day is on Saturday, June 30, digital enthusiasts will hold meetups across the globe to celebrate the one thing that unites us and keeps us in constant contact: social media.

Whether you’re an obsessed Instagram photographer, an endless Pinterest pinner or a ten-times-an-hour tweeter, Social Media Day is a time to recognize the digital revolution that has changed how we live.

Read the full article:

How Will Des Moines Celebrate?

According to Mashable, “Social Media Day will be a truly international event.” Mashable community organizers are already hard at work planning events in hundreds of cities worldwide. Here is the Des Moines Mashable community organizer link:

According to Mashable, here are how some other cities are celebrating:

The meetup in Swindon, U.K. will feature presentations about social media strategy as well as a speed networking session. Thousands of miles away in the United States, a celebration dedicated to startups will be held in Detroit.

Click to watch of Las Vegas’ official Social Media Day in 2011  (SMDayLV) on YouTube.

Here are some things to do in celebration of Social Media Day: Will you organize a Foursquare scavenger hunt? Attend a fast-paced panel discussion about social media branding? Play Pinterest-inspired hopscotch? The possibilites are endless, and we want you to get creative!

Please comment below with your ideas, if you would be interested in helping, donating, speaking, organizing or other. We have exactly THREE WEEKS to do something fun this year and then who knows what Des Moines might do for 2013.. lets start now!

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