Ramping up for June 30th, GetGlue CEO Talks Social Media Day

Social Media Day - June 30th Mashable is hosting its third annual Social Media Day on June 30. It’s a worldwide event that celebrates the digital revolution and not just the tools, but also the people making it possible: you.

Mashable talked with Alex Iskold, Founder and CEO of GetGlue, about what makes social media so awesome and why it’s worth celebrating on June 30. He says his favorite thing about social media is that it’s “powered by people” — and Mashable agrees.

Check out the video (click here) to hear more about Iskold’s take on social media, and its power to connect us around common interests and have our voices be heard.

Mashable also invites everyone to join fellow social media enthusiast worldwide on June 30th…
Continue reading Mashable’s full article on Social Media Day…

How Will Des Moines Celebrate?

You are invited to join Des Moines area Social Media enthusiasts, bloggers, marketers and people from all walks of life who use social media for work, for fun and to enhance their life and connections to friends, family and the world: http://socialmediadaydsm.com/.

Please comment below with your ideas, if you would be interested in helping, donating, speaking, organizing or other. We have exactly THREE WEEKS to do something fun this year and then who knows what Des Moines might do for 2013.. lets start now!

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