Is Marketing with Facebook Still Worth It For Your Business?

With all of the changes that Facebook has been making to their algorithm that make reaching your fan base even more difficult, some businesses may wonder if Facebook is even worth the time and money investment. However, with 1 in 4 people in the United States on Facebook, and its incredible ability to target, the question to ask might not be if you should be there, but if what you want to accomplish can be accomplished with Facebook. If not, what can you accomplish with it and what should you do to be more effective given the changes?

Here are some articles to help you understand the changes and how to leverage them.

News Feed algorithm tweak: Status updates from pages moving down. Article via

What you will find with this article:

The algorithm change is explained and the outcome is that there will be a decline in the reach of plain-text status updates from business fan pages. The article will also explain Facebook’s new more visual link share and why it is important to share links in this new way for better exposure as a business.

How to Use Facebook Now: Adjusting to the Facebook Algorithm Change. Article via

What you will find with this article:

1) Pay for exposure  when you can as a business for important, select posts that you really want to be seen.

2) Create a Facebook group (private or public) which allows you more direct and intimate communication.

3) Friend your customers and contacts on Facebook – it is an “opt-in” so your most loyal clients and customers can decide. No harm in asking.

1 thought on “Is Marketing with Facebook Still Worth It For Your Business?

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! Facebook is definitely making it more challenging for businesses to gain free marketing exposure, but with all the people there it still makes sense to use Facebook. Marketers just need to learn to use Facebook differently to get results.


    Jennifer Fong

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