2013: The Year of Strategic Social Media

In 2008-2010 few businesses understood how to leverage social media for business and  most were debating the relevance. In 2011-2012 many businesses accepted social media as a legitimate avenue for marketing, but viewed it as an island of its own.

I predict 2013 will mark the year that businesses really seek to integrate social media into their overall strategy and begin to view social media and media overall in the context of “paid, earned and owned.” I predict 2013 will also see a resurgence of marketing activity with a much more strategic, rather than purely tactical, focus and that marketers will really begin to grasp and leverage Content Marketing as part of their overall plan.

Jeff Bullas is one of my favorite authorities on all of these subjects and leads the way in 2013 in helping business owners and marketers take their use of social media to the next level.

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